Atlantic Puffins 3

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Puffins are among the most characterful, colourful and comical of birds. They are often referred to as the 'Clowns of the sea'.

While in some countries they are hunted for their eggs, feathers and as a source of food, here we rejoice that we have significant, protected colonies. Tens of thousands of people make an annual pilgrimage to observe and photograph Puffins in their breeding grounds in locations such as the Farne Islands, where these pictures were inspired.

Puffins have a number of interesting characteristics and behaviours that prompted Andrew to develop a series of pictures where the puffins have assumed near human personalities.

In the real world Puffins form long-term relationships, with both parents taking responsibility for building and guarding the home and incubating the egg. They like to nest in burrows – sometimes ones from which they have managed to forcibly eject a rabbit.

Because of a unique hinging system in their beaks, they have an ability to carry a number of whole fish (sometimes up to a dozen at a time) crosswise in their bills. This means more productive fishing trips for food for their chicks.

Once the chicks have fledged, they and their parents spend the winter at sea. The young don't return for some three to five years, when they too find a mate and start to breed.

When the breading season is over, one of their most distinctive features, the brightly coloured outer part of their bills is shed leaving a smaller, duller bill underneath.

It's just like circus clowns taking off their make-up after a major performance.

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