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Beachy Head

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I am very fond of Beachy Head and its stripey lighthouse. The walk along the Seven Sisters Country Park in a westerly direction towards Cuckmore Haven is one of my favourites.

The best time to walk is on a spring evening after a storm, when The Downs are criss-crossed with cloud shadows and the first swallows have made landfall, flying inches above the grass in between the sheep as they celebrate their journey's end.

If you shut your eyes and breathe deeply you may just detect the delicate aroma of mothballs.

I spent many years as a child at nearby Polegate visiting ageing aunts and uncles. Uncle Lou was one of the smallest men I have ever met and seemed to be constantly clad in a pair of oversized tartan slippers. My Aunt Ada was a cross between a Larson cartoon character and the nurse from Tom Wolfe's film 'The Right Stuff'.

Their house had a heating system which punched out cold air from grills at skirting board level, and with shoes left on the doormat upon arrival, our feet and toes were soon chilblained and bloodless. Other points of note were Uncle Lou's Ford Anglia, with nodding dog and a tartan blanket on the back seat that matched his slippers. Oh, and the overpowering pong of mothballs.

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