Illustrations which leave indelible impressions

28 Mar 2017
by Nick Holker

We have admired Claire Fletcher's work from afar for some time. Last week she brought three enchanting original paintings, some small black and white animal illustrations and a selection of framed and unframed prints into the gallery, which are now on display.

While I was researching her career to be able to put some meaningful background onto the gallery website, I came across the cover of one of the children's books that Claire had illustrated back in 1994.

The book is called The Wind Garden. I can remember reading it countless times to eager children who were capitivated both by Angela McAllister's narrative and Claire's illustrations.

It is one of the wonders of images that they can catapult you back through time and space to when you first laid eyes upon them, often accompanied by the sounds and scents of the moment... even if, as you can see from the quality of the image here, the memories can be a little hazy.

If you've got a moment, pop into the gallery to look at Claire's latest pictures, I'm sure they will bring back fond memories from your own childhood.


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