Handbags with a little bit of theatre sewn in

15 Jan 2018
by Nick Holker

The Rare Skills Gallery in Forest Row celebrates the work of 20 plus artists and craft makers with exceptional talent and creativity. As a result, in addition to a wide variety of original paintings and prints, we have a wonderful collection of vibrant ceramics, art glass, textiles and decorated wooden bowls and boards. We are particularly pleased with the hand crafted leather bags, belts, wallets and purses that we offer.

One of our distinguished exhibitors is Victoria Baker who worked for many years as a costume designer and maker in the field of Theatre, Film and Dance. She made costumes for such well-known film actors as Glen Close, Julia Roberts, and John Malkovitch, as well as for productions in the West End and, even more challenging, fringe theatre.

For the past 15 years, Victoria has focussed her design and exceptional hand crafting skills on making beautiful and unusual handbags in high quality leathers and textiles.

Her extensive knowledge of historical garment construction has led to visual ideas on form and texture that feature in her recent designs for bags. As she says:

"Shape has always played an important part in theatrical costumes and this has influenced the design and techniques which I apply to my handbag making. But I have also had to learn a new set of skills like skiving, paring, burnishing and using a saddlery stitch etc. And I'm still learning!! "

Another influence stems from Victoria's work in Indian theatre and dance where bright fabrics and other media were used to create flashes of colour - a technique that is now seen in the linings of her bags.

Owners of Victoria's bags delight in the knowledge that they have bought an exclusive, stylish, yet practical handbag that has been lovingly crafted by a true master of their art. A seasonal discount is currently on offer making them even more attractive.


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